My name is Beau Sorenson. I am an audio professional (engineer, producer, mixer, electronic musician) living in Portland, Oregon. I make recordings of sounds, and help other people make / shape recordings of their sounds.

As a freelance engineer / producer, I've worked on multiple albums by Death Cab for Cutie, Bob Mould,, Yellow Ostrich, All Tiny Creatures, Mr. Gnome, Clive Tanaka, The Ericksons and Bailiff, as well as albums by Superchunk, Jars of Clay, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Chants, Field Report, Youngblood Brass Band, Minor Characters, Camera Obscura and Elsinore.

I've engineered / assisted on sessions with Chris Walla, Tucker Martine, Butch Vig, Brandon Mason, Dangermouse, Al Weatherhead and Ryan Hewitt.

I've worked at Tiny Telephone, Electrical Audio, Flora, Sound City, Soma EMS, The Dock, April Base, Overdub Lane, Pogo, The Warehouse, London Bridge, Hall of Justice, Hyde Street Studios, Avast!, Type Foundry / Mix Foundry, Different Fur, The Isokon, The Tannery, Chrome Attic and a number of other places that are no longer around. I love recording studios.

I've also made records in bedrooms and kitchens and living rooms, houses and apartments and cabins, warehouses, practice spaces, town halls and anywhere I can. I love making records.


If you want the longer version, check out my interview in TapeOp.


I grew up in the woods. I took piano and guitar lessons. I spent a lot of time fiddling with electronics. I took a lot of things apart. I made noises in garages. I got a four track. I got a guitar. I built a theremin and a synthesizer. I broke a lot of things.


I spent the better part of a decade working at Smart Studios in Madison, WI. Smart was an incredible studio, packed with an array of esoteric recording equipment and wonderful people. I had the good fortune to work with a number of creative and talented individuals, and was part of some excellent recordings by Sparklehorse, Death Cab For Cutie, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Mr. Gnome, Garbage, Czarbles, Testa Rosa and The Ericksons (among many others).

When Smart Studios closed in 2010, I decided (in the words of Robert Fripp) to become a 'small, independent, mobile and intelligent unit'. I moved to Portland, Oregon and continued working as a freelance recording engineer / producer, while also taking on other projects: mastering, studio consultation, location recording, music for films, and other audio-related endeavors. 


After five years living and working in Portland, I relocated to the Bay Area to join the team of talented producers and engineers at Tiny Telephone while continuing to work as a freelance producer / engineer in other places.


I write and record my own music and remix other music as Beaunoise. I am also part of Exurbs, with dear friends Jeff Sauer (Czarbles) and Andrew Fitzpatrick (All Tiny Creatures / Volcano Choir).


When I’m not working, I pretend to play the drums, or the guitar, or the piano. I spend a lot of time with synthesizers (the Buchla in particular) and tape machines. I read. I like building and fixing electronic gadgets, and I like owls. I enjoy drinking coffee and going for long walks.